SAM9X60-EK -- Introduction


In this topic, we introduce the SAM9X60-EK development platform.


What can I do with the SAM9X60-EK?

The SAM9X60-EK is designed for evaluating and prototyping with the high performance, ultra-low power SAM9X60 ARM926EJ-S based microprocessor (MPU) running up to 600 MHz. You can develop embedded Linux® or RTOS applications.

For information on Microchip's MPU offerings, visit the 32-bit MPUs product page.

What is the SAM9X60-EK?

The SAM9X60-EK is a multi-function demonstration and development platform featuring:

How do I get started?

Start by familiarizing yourself with the features of the SAM9X60-EK development platform and then jump to the Booting Demo Linux Image page.

Where can I get demo images?

Demonstration images for the SAM9X60-EK are available on the Linux4SAM website. Images are available from three Build Systems:

How do I program the SAM9X60-EK?

Demonstration images listed above can be flashed onto an SD Memory Card (of size 1 GB or higher) using a utility program (such as balenaEtcher) and inserted into the J4 SD Memory Card slot. This is explained in the Booting Demo Linux Image page.

Where can I get source code?

Source code is available for the SAM9X60-EK at the Linux4SAM GitHub repository.

How do I debug?

There are two methods of debugging the SAM9X60-EK.

  • The first method is by JTAG. There are two JTAG interfaces, a 20-pin IDC connecter J23 for the external debugger and an onboard SEGGER J-Link through USB port J22.
  • The second method is a Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) debugger J24.

More information about both methods are available in the Debugging section. Application debugging can also be performed over a TCP/IP connection using the GDB server.

There is also a serial console where you can:

  • View the kernel log
  • Query processes
  • Get information on various internal features of the system

See the Booting Demo Linux Image page for more information about the Linux console.

Is there any additional information on the SAM9X60-EK?

Additional information can be found on the SAM9X60-EK product webpage. There you can find:

  • User’s Guide
  • Design Files
  • Manufacturing Files
  • Links to component datasheets

Where can I order one?

You can purchase a SAM9X60-EK at Microchip Purchasing & Client Services or your favorite Microchip distributor.

What is included in the box?


Contents of the box are:

  • The SAM9X60-EK baseboard
  • USB-A to USB Micro-B cable
  • 50-position FFC/FPC cable

What do I need to supply?

For Booting Demo Linux Image, you will need to supply:

  • Personal computer (Windows®, MacOS®, Linux) running a terminal program
  • SD Memory Card (1 GB or larger)
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