Microchip offers a wide array of signal conditioning products including:

  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Comparators
  • Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs) and Selectable Gain Amplifiers (SGAs)
  • Data Converters
  • Voltage References
  • Power & Current Sensors
  • and much more…
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 Self-Paced Training

The material in these training modules exists elsewhere on this site in a general reference format. However, the training modules present it in an organized, step-by-step sequence to help you learn the topic from the ground up.

 Frequently Asked Questions

PAC1720 - Dual Positive and Negative Rail Current Monitoring
How do you select which PIC® device to use on the MCP3911 evaluation board?
How can the HV816DB3 demo board be integrated into a design without creating noise?
Why is PAC1921 not responding to gain settings changes?
Why doesn't the duty cycle of EMC2xxx reach 100% (KICK) during the spin-up routine?
Why does the DIR pin of MCP39F501 de-assert after changing the DIO2 setting?
Why do the MCP9509 or MCP9510 temperature switches not trip when operated over temperature?
Why can't I update the contents of the EEPROM chip connected to EMC2xxx-4?
Why can't I drive my MOSFET when connected to PWM?
Which fan can be supported by EMC2xxx?
Where do you find the maximum junction temperature (TJ max) for Micrel products?
What is the ripple performance if MIC2230 is in forced PWM mode?
What is the maximum output for the HV7802 sensor in current/voltage mode?
What is the firmware version of a RN171-I/RM and can it be changed?
What is the difference between the MCP73831 and MCP73832?
What is the correct calculation for feedback resistors for LR8 ?
What is the consequence of having input voltage present at the Vout pin when the device is not powered?
What happens when a short occurs in HV513?
What does '15KVAO' mean as part of a part number such as 24LC08BT-I/SN15KVAO?
What are the recommended diodes for MCP9904?
What are the cleaning recommendations for Serial EEPROM?
What are ESD diodes useful for in an op-amp?
TC1262 - Thermal Resistance and Copper Surface Area
SST26 - STATUS and CONFIGURATION Registers Read and Write
Replacement for the MIC5022 MOSFET Driver
Quality/Reliability - At what temperature is data retention at 200 years for 24LC02B?
MIC2251 - Where do you locate the recommended land pattern for 5-Pin Thin SOT-23 (D5) package?
MEMS Oscillators - DSC60xx - Choosing an Oscillator that Ouputs kHz Frequency
MCP73871 - Stand-Alone System Load Sharing and Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charge Management Controller
MCP73831- Voltage Showing on VDD Pin When the Part is Not Being Powered Intentionally
MCP6V71 - Why are there peaks at 1 kHz and 2 kHz in Figure 2-41 of the datasheet?
MCP4531 / 4532 / 4551 / 4552 / 4631 / 4632 / 4651 / 46 - What is the wiper default after Reset and after BOR?
Isolation Between MCP39F501 and PIC® Microcontroller During Development
Is the I²C address of the UCS2113 user programmable?
Is it possible to implement TRIAC dimming? Is there any reference schematic?
I²C Temperature Sensor as a Sealed External Temperature Probe
I²C Slave Address - Can I use several MCP4017 on the same I²C bus?
How is the effective number of bits (ENOB) for an ADC conversion calculated?
How is an Offset/No Load Calibration performed on MCP39F501?
How does the Block Erase command work on new SST26 flash memory devices(8 KB, 32 KB, 64 KB, Block Erase command)?
How do you save accumulated energy on MCP39F511?
How do you measure Power using HFout in MCP3909?
How do you make ADC input significantly lower than Vss?
How do you connect multiple MCP39F501 devices in an RS485 Bus?
How do I get the dsPIC33EP32MC204 to sample 8 ADC channels at 500 ksps?
How can MCP73833/MCP73834 be used to charge a battery with Protection Circuit Module (PCM)?
Digital Potentiometer Questions - MCP41010, MCP454x/6x, MCP464x/6x - Make Before Break, Audio Applications
Development Tools/Demo Boards - MCP3903 Evaluation Board Connections - Input Voltage Range
Is input overvoltage protection needed for MCP73831?
How do I know the EEPROM Write Endurance Cycles for specific temperatures and/or voltages?
How can I create an inrush current protection?
How can I create a Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) using an OP Amp and DAC output from a PIC® MCU?
Design a Li-Ion Battery Charger and Load Sharing System
MIC2019 - Reference Schematics Component Values
MCP73871 - IC Getting Hot or Charger Stops
MCP39xx with Current Transformer (CT)
MCP39F501 - UART - Why does MCP39F501 stop communicating after a bad command?
MCP3551 - Stuck in Incorrect State and Stops Conversion
MCP23x17 - I/O Expander Supply Voltage Range
MCP2200 - RTS and CTS Tied Together
LAN8810 - LED Modes Blink Frequency
KSZ8863 - Total Current Consumption
HV9963 - Buck Mode Application Note
Example Projects for ADC and I²C for dsPIC30F2012
EOL/PCN procedure for Micrel parts
What is the proper value of the capacitors for the oscillator on the MCP39XX parts?
PIC24FJ - Setting Input Pins as Analog for Comparator
How can I communicate with the MCP39F511?
Constant Current LED Driver Using PIC18
Can I use I²C instead of SMBus for EMC2xxx?
What is the ATSTCON register on the MCP19114?
Shutdown start-up state of MCP linear voltage regulators
Phase shift and internal compensation capacitors behavior for Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs)
On the TC4422CPA, pins 6 and 7 are connected together. On the TC4422AVPA, why are the pins not internally connected?
How do you check if an op-amp is consuming too much current?
How do you calculate the sampling rate for a SAR ADC on PIC16F MCU?
Ganged Microprocessor Outputs
Can the HV98101 be used for High Power applications?
High Speed MOSFET Drivers Comparison: TC4427 vs TC4427A and TC4422 vs TC4422A
What is the recommended footprint for MIC33153 with MLF® package?
What is the minimum PWM Dimming duty cycle for the MIC2289?
Need equivalent automotive grade MPN
Micrel Product Grade Identifiers - What is the difference between the SY89297UMG and SY89297UMH?
Can I use the thermocouple simulator for MCP9600?
Can I use the MCP9804 as an alternate part for MCP9808?
Can I use the Charge Time Measurement Unit for Internal Temperature Sensing in a PIC®?
Battery Charger (MCP73844) - Overheating of p-MOSFET
AN2994 - SCH322x PCB Schematic Review Checklist - Clarifications
AC100200 - RGB LED Cube Kit Documentation
Will the MCP3914 work as a 3-phase power monitor?
Can I use the MDAT function on MCP3911?
Why is my ADC at maximum output without an input?
Where can I find the ADC voltage reference?
What causes pulsing STAT pins on MCP73837T-FCI/UN?
MCP9600 - Why are the alert status bits in the status register the same for active-high and active-low?
MCP73844 - Battery pack not charging fully
Can the SINC3 filter be deactivated in a MCP3911?
Can MCP4728 perform a "General Call Read Address"?
ADC MCP3913 - DGND, AGND, and GND connected together as star connection?
Why is the internal clock of the MCP39F5xx not working?
Can I perform multi-point calibration in MCP39F5xx devices?
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