MPLAB® Harmony 3rd Party TCP/IP Software

The following third party companies offer MPLAB® Harmony compliant software for TCP/IP applications:

SSL/TLS Library (wolfSSL)
TCP/IP Software (InterNiche Tech)


SSL/TLS Library from wolfSSL

CyaSSL is a lightweight C-language-based SSL/TLS library targeted for embedded, RTOS, or resource-constrained environments primarily because of its small size, speed, and portability. CyaSSL supports industry standards up to the current TLS 1.2 and DTLS 1.2 levels. It is up to 20 times smaller than OpenSSL offering a simple API, an OpenSSL compatibility layer, OCSP and CRL, and several progressive ciphers. CyaSSL is under active development, and should be chosen over yaSSL when possible.

Key Features:

  • Up to TLS 1.2 and DTLS 1.2
  • Full client and server support
  • Progressive list of supported ciphers
  • Key and Certificate generation
  • OCSP, CRL support
  • Support Available
  • Small Size: 20-100kB
  • Runtime Memory: 1-36kB
  • 20X smaller than OpenSSL

For more information see wolfSSL's website:

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TCP/IP Software from InterNiche Technologies

InterNiche networking components form a modular set of interlocking TCP/IP based building blocks for creating small and efficient internet-enabled devices. Compilation time options provide detailed tuning and optimization of the networking configuration for any given build, easing the process of fitting complex protocols into a restricted memory budget and at run-time, a specialized communications optimization tool - NicheTool - provides key insight into stack operation and performance. With configuration flexibility, the tools to identify and eliminate integration problems and the expertise of a support team always available, development teams find that system development using InterNiche products is smooth and predictable.

InterNiche offers the following modules for TCP/IP applications:

  • High performance embedded TCP/IPv4 or Dual TCP/IPv4+IPv6 stacks
  • DHCP, DHCPv6 or static IP configuration
  • SNMP network management agents (v1, v2c and/or v3)
  • FTP server
  • Telnet server
  • IGMP and MLD support for multicast traffic
  • Virtual File System
  • HTTP web server presenting both dynamic data and static pages
  • Support for "Big Loop", Pre-emptive and cooperative scheduling operating systems.

For more information see InterNiche's website:

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