MPLAB® Harmony v2 Device Drivers Overview

The basic driver operations allow an application to interact with a device, reading and writing data, as if it was a simple file. More specific operations are present on most drivers and the kind of specific operations available depends on the peripheral whose functionality is being exposed by the driver. A driver has the following fundamental responsibilities:

  • Providing a highly-abstracted interface to a peripheral
  • Controlling access to a peripheral
  • Managing the state of a peripheral

The following diagram illustrates how a driver interacts with the other pieces of the system:

  • Drivers are used directly by your application code, middleware (TCP/IP, USB, etc…), system services, and other drivers (SD Card Driver to SPI Driver).
  • The driver calls various system services to perform the tasks that are possibly shared across other drivers (Interrupts and Timers).
  • The driver also calls the peripheral library of the peripheral to which it is abstracting the interface.
  • Driver State machine can be invoked by the system task service (polling system) or the driver state machine can be invoked from an interrupt service routine.

If you would like to see an example of how a Device Driver is used to control a specific peripheral, please click on the following link.

USART Drivers
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