Ports Peripheral Library for MPLAB® Harmony v2

This library allows you to:

  • Read input pins on I/O ports
  • Control output pins on I/O ports
  • Configure analog capable pins as digital
  • Configure output pin open-drain
  • Configure input pin pull-up and pull-down resistors
  • Monitor select inputs and generate an interrupt on mismatch condition (change notification)
  • Control operation during CPU Sleep and Idle modes
  • Configure port slew rate
  • Configure remappable pins using Peripheral Pin Select (PPS)

Example Library Functions

Configure an Analog Capable Pin as Digital

Function Name Description

Data Direction (Inputs vs Outputs)

Function Name Description
PLIB_PORTS_DirectionOutputSet (PORTS_ID_0, PORT_CHANNEL_C, 0x0007) RC0, RC1 and RC2 pins are outputs (the 0x0007 parameter is a mask)
PLIB_PORTS_DirectionInputSet (PORTS_ID_0, PORT_CHANNEL_B, 0x0003) RB0 and RB1 pins are inputs
PLIB_PORTS_PinDirectionOutputSet (PORTS_ID_0, PORT_CHANNEL_C, PORTS_BIT_POS_4) RC4 pin is an output

Read an Input

Function Name Description
PLIB_PORTS_Read (PORTS_ID_0, PORT_CHANNEL_C) Returns a 32 bit value for PORTC
PLIB_PORTS_PinGet (PORTS_ID_0, PORT_CHANNEL_C, PORTS_BIT_POS_4) Returns the value on PIN RC4 (PORTC, bit 4)

Control an Output

Function Name Description
PLIB_PORTS_Write (PORTS_ID_0, PORT_CHANNEL_C, 0x3) Write a 0x3 to PORTC (RC0 and RC1 pins are set, all other pins are cleared)
PLIB_PORTS_PinWrite (PORTS_ID_0, PORT_CHANNEL_C, PORTS_BIT_POS_4, 1) Writes a "1" to RC4
PLIB_PORTS_PinToggle (PORTS_ID_0, PORT_CHANNEL_C, PORTS_BIT_POS_5) Invert value on RC5 pin

Important notes on using this library:

  • Analog capable pins are configured as analog inputs after Reset. If you want to use an analog capable pin in digital mode, you must configure it as a digital pin (can use PLIB_PORTS_PinModeSelect()).
  • Digital pins are configured as inputs after Reset. If you want to use a digital pin as an output, you must configure it as an output (can use PLIB_PORTS_DirectionOutputSet()).
  • Remappable pins (Peripheral Pin Select) can be configured only after unlocking the Device Configuration registers. See the "Device Control Peripheral Library" for more details.

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