Timer System Service Library Interface

Detailed descriptions for this library can be found in the MPLAB® Harmony Documentation.
(found in the <harmony install directory>/doc folder)

System Level Interaction Functions

Function Name Description
SYS_TMR_Deinitialize De-initializes the specific module instance of the TMR module
SYS_TMR_Initialize Initializes hardware and data for the instance of the Timer module and opens the specific module instance.
SYS_TMR_Status Returns status of the specific instance of the Timer module.
SYS_TMR_Tasks Maintains the system timer's state machine and implements its ISR.

Timed Callback Functions

Function Name Description
SYS_TMR_CallbackStop Stops a periodic timer object.
SYS_TMR_CallbackPeriodic Creates a permanent timer object that calls back to the client periodically.
SYS_TMR_CallbackSingle Creates a one-shot/single callback timer object.

Timed Delay Functions

Function Name Description
SYS_TMR_DelayStatusGet Checks the status of the previously requested delay timer object.
SYS_TMR_DelayMS Creates a timer object that times out after the specified delay.

Timed Object Functions

Function Name Description
SYS_TMR_ObjectCountGet Returns the current millisecond count of a timer object.
SYS_TMR_ObjectCreate Creates a new timer object.
SYS_TMR_ObjectDelete Deletes an existent timer object.
SYS_TMR_ObjectReload Reloads an existing timer object.

Miscellaneous Functions

Function Name Description
SYS_TMR_TickCountGet Provides the current counter value.
SYS_TMR_TickCounterFrequencyGet Provides the number of ticks per second
SYS_TMR_SystemCountGet Provides the current system time count value.
SYS_TMR_SystemCountFrequencyGet Provides the current system count frequency.
SYS_TMR_ModuleStatusGet Returns status of the specific instance of the Timer module.

Data Types and Constants

Function Name Description
SYS_TMR_CALLBACK This data type defines a pointer callback function.
SYS_TMR_HANDLE Identifies a client timer object.
SYS_TMR_INIT Identifies the system timer initialize structure.
SYS_TMR_HANDLE_INVALID Identifies the invalid handle of the system timer.
SYS_TMR_INDEX_0 Timer System Service index definitions.
SYS_TMR_FLAGS Defines the types and flags supported by a client timer object.
SYS_TMR_CLIENT_TOLERANCE Sets the accepted client tolerance in %.
SYS_TMR_DRIVER_INDEX Sets the default timer driver object to be used by the system timer service.
SYS_TMR_FREQUENCY Specifies the operating frequency for the system timer in Hz.
SYS_TMR_FREQUENCY_TOLERANCE Sets the error tolerance in %.
SYS_TMR_INTERRUPT_NOTIFICATION Activates the notification mechanism from within the timer interrupt.
SYS_TMR_MAX_CLIENT_OBJECTS Sets the maximum number of timer clients that can be active at a given time.
SYS_TMR_MODULE_INIT Sets the default module initializatin value by the system timer service.
SYS_TMR_UNIT_RESOLUTION Specifies the internal units for the time keeping.
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