Example SQTP File

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The following is an example of a typical Serial Quick Turn Programming (SQTPSM) file. The file is in Intel HEX File Format. As a visual aid, the fields of Intel HEX records are colored as follows:


Table: Example SQTP File Typical Content

SQTP File Records Record Description
:02000004740086 Extended Linear Address (Intel HEX Record Type = 04)
Allows for 32-bit addressing (up to 4GB). The address field is ignored (typically 0000) and the byte count is always 02. The two encoded, big endian data bytes specify the upper 16 bits of the 32 bit absolute address for all subsequent type 00 records; these upper address bits apply until the next 04 record. If no type 04 record precedes a 00 record, the upper 16 address bits default to 0000. The absolute address for a type 00 record is formed by combining the upper 16 address bits of the most recent 04 record with the low 16 address bits of the 00 record.
Data (Intel HEX Record Type = 00)
Contains data and a 16-bit starting address for the data. The byte count specifies the number of data bytes in the record. The first example record has 04 data bytes (BF, 70, 87, ED) located at consecutive addresses beginning at address 0000.
:00000001FF End of File (Intel HEX Record Type = 01)
Must occur exactly once per file in the last line of the file. The data field is empty (thus byte count is 00) and the address field is typically 0000.
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