Where are DFPs Installed?

Depending on your software project type (bare-metal C, Harmony 3 project etc.), DFPs can be installed at several locations on your computer.

DFPs managed/used by the MPLAB® X IDE

DFPs managed/used by the MPLAB X IDE are installed in two locations on your computer, as shown in the Pack Manager:


System Packs Location

This folder contains DFPs which are distributed/installed during the MPLAB X IDE installation:


C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLABX\<ide_version>\packs\Microchip\<device_pack>\<dfp_version>



Installed "System" DFP Packs are marked as Installed to System in the Pack Manager as shown:


User Packs Location

This folder contains all DFPs which have been installed through the Pack Manager "Update" mechanism or manually installed by the user.





Installed User DFP Packs are marked as Uninstall in the Pack Manager as shown:


DFP Persistence with MPLAB X IDE

When you uninstall MPLAB X IDE, you uninstall the System DFPs. However, the User DFPs will persist on your computer.

DFPs managed/used by the Harmony 3 Framework

The Harmony 3 framework maintains it's own repository of DFPs in GitHub:

When you use the Harmony 3 Content Manager to download components to your PC, a copy of this repository is also downloaded.


When you build a Harmony 3 application using MPLAB Harmony 3 Configurator, all the required DFP files are copied into the Harmony 3 project folder. The MPLAB X IDE DFPs are not used:


Benefits of the H3 DFP Usage Strategy:

  • Project is self-contained
  • Removed dependency on DFP
  • Project can be shared without the need to share and install the DFP

DFPs components bundled with the XC Compilers

XC Compilers ship with a set of resources (MCU header files) derived from a DFP release, as shown here with XC32:


The version of the DFP can be determined by opening the component-version.h file as shown above.

Within the IDE, you can choose to override the default (IDE-managed) DFPs with the compiler-supplied DFPs via the following Project setting:


When using the compiler for standalone compilation on the command line, you can use the -mdfp switch to specify a specific DFP to use for compilation:

-mdfp="C:/My Folder/SAME54_DFP/3.2.56"

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