Migration Considerations

The following are issues with MPLAB® X IDE and MPLAB IDE v8 projects. If you do not see your issue here, consult documentation for MPLAB X IDE.

Importing an MPLAB® IDE v8 Project - Settings

Settings that were saved in a workspace in MPLAB® IDE v8 (such as tool settings) will not be transferred to the new MPLAB X IDE project. Refer to the MPLAB IDE v8 help for what is stored in a workspace (MPLAB IDE Reference>Operational Reference>Saved Information.)

Importing an MPLAB® IDE v8 Project - Modified Linker Scripts

If you have modified your MPLAB® IDE v8 project linker script so that it includes an object file, the linker will be unable to find the file when imported into MPLAB X IDE because the build paths for MPLAB IDE v8 and MPLAB X IDE are different.

So you may see an error like:

<install path>ld.exe: cannot find file.o

since in MPLAB IDE v8 all build-related files are in one directory, whereas in MPLAB® X IDE build files are in different subdirectories.

You can edit your linker script to work with MPLAB X IDE by using wild cards. For example, change:

  /* Global-namespace object initialization - MPLAB^^®^^ v8*/
  .init   :
    KEEP (crti.o(.init))
  } >kseg0_program_mem


  /* Global-namespace object initialization - MPLAB X*/
  .init   :
    KEEP (*crti.o(.init))
  } >kseg0_program_mem

Alternatively, you can use an address attribute that allows you to place functions in C code.

int __attribute__((address(0x9D001000))) myfunction (void) {}

This allows you to place a function at an address without modifying the default linker script.

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