SEGGER J-Link Global DLL Error Codes

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The J-Link DLL defines a set of global error codes which may be returned by almost every DLL API function. The global error codes start at -256, so values from -1 to -255 are reserved for function-specific error codes. In the following, all error codes which are defined by the DLL and their explanations are listed:

Symbolic names Explanation
JLINKARM_ERR_EMU_NO_CONNECTION If this error code is returned, no connection to the emulator could be established.
JLINKARM_ERR_EMU_COMM_ERROR If this error code is returned, a communication error between the emulator and the host occurred.
JLINKARM_ERR_DLL_NOT_OPEN If this error code is returned, the DLL has not been opened but needs to be before using the function that has been called.
JLINKARM_ERR_VCC_FAILURE If this error code is returned, the target system has no power (Measured: VTref < 1V).
JLINK_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE If this error code is returned, an invalid handle (e.g. file handle) was passed to the called function.
JLINK_ERR_NO_CPU_FOUND If this error code is returned, J-Link was unable to detect a supported core that is connected to J-Link.
JLINK_ERR_EMU_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED If this error code is returned, the emulator does not support the selected feature (usually returned by functions that need specific emulator capabilities).
JLINK_ERR_EMU_NO_MEMORY If this error code is returned, the emulator does not have enough memory to perform the requested operation.
JLINK_ERR_TIF_STATUS_ERROR If this error code is returned, an target interface error occurred such as "TCK is low but should be high".

This information was taken from the SEGGER Microcontroller document, “J-Link SDK User’s Guide of the J-Link application program interface (API)”, Software Version 4.86, Manual Rev. 2 (UM08002).

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