Step 5: Configure PAC193x Sample Application

Step 5.1: Copy Python Source Files to the Target

1. Navigate to the extracted Python Project Files:

$ cd ~/project/pac1934-linux/src/python

2. Find the IP address of the SOM1-EK. If you have followed Step 4.9, the IP address of SOM1-EK is To make sure, use ifconfig in SOM1-EK:

# ifconfig

Figure 1

3. Go back to the Ubuntu Terminal. Copy the source files to the target using scp. The -r attribute will transfer the contents of a directory:

$ scp -r ~/project/pac1934-linux/src/python root@

You will be asked if you want to continue connecting. Just type “yes”, then press Enter.
Next, type the SOM1-EK root password configured in Step 3.3.4.

Figure 2

4. Use ls to check if the files have been received. Go to the SOM1-EK Terminal to do so:

# ls /root/python

Figure 3

Your Python application is good-to-go. Proceed to Step 6.1 to run the Python application.

Step 5.1: Build C Sample Application from Buildroot

1. Navigate to the extracted C project files:

$ cd ~/project/pac1934-linux/src/c

2. Use the following command to prepare environment variables for cross compilation:

$ export CROSS_COMPILE=~/project/my_external_tree/host/bin/arm-buildroot-linux-uclibcgnueabihf-

3. Run the make command. A successful build will appear as shown in Figure 4:

$ make

Figure 4

4. A file called pac193x_sample_application should show when running the ls command from this directory. Please see Figure 5:

Figure 5

5. Make sure pac193x_sample_application is executable by running the command below:

$ sudo chmod 777 pac193x_sample_application

Step 5.2: Upload the Compiled Code to the Target

1. Navigate to the extracted C project files:

$ cd ~/project/pac1934-linux/src/c

2. Transfer pac193x_sample_application to the SOM1-EK using scp:

$ scp -r pac193x_sample_application root@

3. Your screen should look appear as shown in Figure 6:

Figure 6

4. Use ls to check if the files have been received on the SOM1-EK:

# ls ~/

5. Your screen should appear as shown in the Figure 7:

Figure 7

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