SecureIoT1702 Bill of Materials
Reference Description Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number
B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8 SWITCH TACT SPST 12V 50mA PTS645SM43SMTR92 LFS SMD Wurth Electronics Inc 430182043816
BATT1 BATT HOLDER Retainer SMD CR2016, CR2020, CR2025, CR2032 Keystone 3002TR
C6, C8 CAP CER 2.2uF 10V 10% X7R SMD 0603 Murata GRM188R71A225KE15D
C9, C12, C15, C18, C19, C20, C21, C22, C23, C24, C25, C29, C32, C35, C36, C37, C38, C39, C40 CAP CER 0.1uF 16V 10% X7R SMD 0603 Wurth Electronics Inc 885012206046
C10 CAP CER 0.22uF 25V 10% X7R SMD 0805 Panasonic ECJ-2YB1E224K
C13, C14, C16, C17, C26, C27, C28, C33, C34, C41, C42, C43, C44, C45, C46, C47 CAP CER 1uF 16V 10% X5R SMD 0603 AVX 0603YD105KAT2A
C30, C31 CAP CER 10pF 50V 5% NP0 SMD 0603 KEMET C0603C100J5GACTU
D1 DIO LED YELLOW 2.1V 20mA 8mcd Clear SMD 0603 Kingbright APT1608YC
D2 DIO LED TRI RED, GREEN, BLUE 2.1V, 3.0V, 3.2V 50mA, 35mA, 35mA SMD 6-PLCC Cree Inc CLX6D-FKB-CMPQSGKBB7A363
D3 DIO LED Cool White 2.85V 5mA 147.5mcd Diffused SMD 0603 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Inc. LW Q38G-Q1OO-3K6L-1
D4 DIO SCTKYARR BAT54C 800mV 200mA 30V SOT-23-3 Fairchild BAT54C
D5 DIO SCTKYARR BAT54C 530mV 200mA 30V SOT-23-3 Diodes Incorporated BAT54CTA
D6 DIO LED RED 2V 30mA 2mcd Clear SMD 0603 Lite-On LTST-C190EKT
DD3 IC USB SERIAL BASIC UART 16QFN FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd FT230XQ-T
LCD1 DISPLAY LCD MODULE COG GRAPHIC 128x64 DISPLAY ST7565R ERC12864FS-1 EastRising Technology Co., Limited ERC12864FS-1
Q1, T2 TRANS BJT NPN MMBT2222A 40V 1A 350mW SOT-23 Fairchild Semiconductor MMBT2222A
R1 RES TF 10k 1% 1/16W SMD 0603 TE Connectivity 5-1879337-9
R2 RES TKF 120k 1% 1/10W SMD 0603 Panasonic ERJ-3EKF1203V
R3 RES TKF 220k 1% 1/10W SMD 0603 Panasonic ERJ-3EKF2203V
R4, R8, R9, R11, R12, R18 RES TKF 330R 1% 1/10W SMD 0603 Panasonic ERJ-3EKF3300V
R5 RES TKF 100R 1% 1/10W SMD 0603 Panasonic ERJ-3EKF1000V
R6, R16, R23, R24, R25, R26, R27 RES TKF 10k 5% 1/10W SMD 0603 Panasonic ERJ-3GEYJ103V
R7, R19, R20 RES TKF 3.3k 1% 1/10W SMD 0603 Panasonic ERJ-3EKF3301V
R10, R29 RES SMD 27 OHM 1% 1/10W 0603 Yageo RC0603FR-0727RL
R13 RES TKF 1k 1% 1/10W SMD 0603 Panasonic ERJ-3EKF1001V
R14, R15, R17, R28, R33 RES TF 100k 1% 1/8W SMD 0603 Vishay MCT06030C1003FP500
R21, R22 RES TKF 100R 5% 1/10W SMD 0603 Vishay CRCW0603100RJNEA
R30 RES TKF 0.1R 1% 1/10W SMD 0603 Panasonic ERJ-3RSFR10V
X1, X2, X4 CON HDR-2.54 Male 1x3 Tin 5.84MH TH VERT Samtec Inc TSW-103-07-T-S
X3, X9, X11, X13, X15 CON HDR-2.54 Male 1x2 Gold 5.84MH TH VERT FCI 77311-118-02LF
X5 CON HDR-2.54 FEMALE 2X5 GOLD TH VERT Samtec Inc. SSQ-105-02-G-D
X6 HDR M 1.27mm 2x5 TH V Samtec Inc FTSH-105-01-F-D-007-K
X7, X8 "Connector Header 8 Position 0.100"" (2.54mm) Tin Through Hole" Sullins Connector Solutions PPTC081LFBN-RC
X12 CON HDR-2.54 Male 2x4 Gold 5.84MH TH VERT Wurth Electronics Inc 61300821121
ZQ1 CRYSTAL 32.768kHz 12.5pF SMD ABS07 Seiko SC32S-12.5PF20PPM
DA1 IC REG LDO ADJ 0.15A SC70-5 Microchip Technology MIC5377YC5-TR
DA2 MCHP ANALOG LDO 3.3V MIC5528-3.3YMT-TR 6-TDFN Microchip Technology MIC5528-3.3YMT-TR
DD1 CRYPTO EMBEDDED CONTROLLER 480 K Microchip Technology CEC1702Q-B1-SX
DD2 MCHP MEMORY SERIAL FLASH 16M 104MHz SST26VF016B-104I/SM SOIJ-8 Microchip Technology SST26VF016B-104I/SM
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