MCP16331 Buck Converter Evaluation Board

MCP16331 Buck Converter Evaluation Board (Part Number ADM00519)

The Microchip MCP16331 Buck Converter Evaluation Board is used to evaluate and demonstrate Microchip's MCP16331 product in the SOT-23 package. This board demonstrates the MCP16331 in a buck-converter application with two selectable output voltages. Test points are provided for input and output, allowing the board to be connected directly to a system. Additional test points are provided to access the EN pin in order to modify the state of the converter and to access the SW pin (to see the switching waveform). The MCP16331 High-Voltage Buck Converter Evaluation Board was developed to help engineers reduce product design cycle time.

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  • Input voltage range, VIN: 6V to 50V
  • Converter can be turned on/off by using a jumper on the EN/GND connector
  • Fixed output voltage: 3.3V or 5.0V (selectable through the use of a switch)
  • Typical output current: 500 mA
  • PWM switching frequency = 500 kHz
  • Internal compensation
  • Internal soft-start
  • Over-temperature protection (if the die temperature exceeds 150 °C, 25 °C hysteresis)



Bill of Materials (BOM)

Quantity Designator Description Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number Supplier Supplier Part Number
2 C2, C3 CAP CER 10 µF 100V X7S 2220 TDK C5750X7S2A106M230KB Digi-Key 445-5212-2-ND
2 C4, C5 CAP CER 10 µF 50V X7S 1210 TDK C3225X7S1H106M Digi-Key 445-4537-1-ND
1 D1 DIODE SWITCH 75V 150 mA SOD323 Micro Commercial Co 1N4148WX-TP Digi-Key 1N4148WXTPMSTR-ND
1 D2 DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 1A SMB ON Semiconductor MBRS1100T3G Digi-Key MBRS1100T3GOSTR-ND
1 R1 RES 0 Ω 1206 SMD WELWYN WCR1206-R005JI Digi-Key
1 C1 CAP CER 0.1 µF 50V X7R 10% 0603 TDK C1608X7R1H104K Digi-Key 445-1314-1-ND
1 L1 CHOKE, SMD, 15 µH WUERTH ELEKTRONIK 7447779115 Digi-Key 732-4137-1-ND
1 RT1 RES 52.3 kΩ 1/10 W .1% 0603 SMD Panasonic - ECG ERA-3AEB5232V Digi-Key ERA-3AEB5232V-ND
1 RB RES 10 kΩ 1/10 W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic - ECG ERJ-3EKF1002V Digi-Key P10.0KHCT-ND
1 RT2 RES 80.6 kΩ1/10 W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic Electronic Components ERJ-3EKF8062V Digi-Key P80.6KHCT-ND
1 JP1 MECH HW JUMPER 2.54mm 1x2 Handle Gold TE Connectivity 881545-2 Digi-Key A26242-ND
1 J5 CONN HDR Male .100 1x2POS VERT FCI 77311-118-02LF Digi-Key 609-4434-ND
4 J1, J2, J3, J4 PC TEST POINT TIN SMD Harwin Inc S1751-46R Digi-Key 952-1478-1-ND
1 SW1 2.54mm SW_SMD_DIP Wurth Electronics Inc 418121270801 Digi-Key
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