Creating A Production Hex File (rev. 3.00)

NOTE: Microchip updates its tools regularly. This page is an older version that we have preserved for the convenience of those who are supporting existing designs based upon older versions of our tools. Please check for the updated version of this page.

To build a production image press one of these three images: multiplebuildicons.png
Name Description
CleanAndBuild.png Clean and Build Project Deletes all the intermediate files, then re-compiles all source files in the project. After compilation, all the newly created intermediate files are linked together to create a single image file.
Build.png Build Project Sometime referred to as 'make'. When invoked MPLAB® X IDE re-compiles only the files which have changed since the last build. Unchanged intermediate files are kept. After compilation a single image file is created by linking the intermediate files.
makeandprogram.png Make and Program Main project This icon has two actions: The first is to invoke the "Build Project" function. After the project is built, the image is downloaded to the PIC® MCU through the selected hardware tool for the project.

  • The production hex file is placed within the "dist" subdirectory of the project folder. The exact subdirectory depends upon which MPLAB® X project configuration is used. When no configuation is specified MPLAB® X uses a default subdirectory called 'default'. Within the "dist\<configuration>" directory the HEX file will be found in the "production" subdirectory

  • Once the project is built, the HEX file for a project is created using the project name formated as: "ProjectName.X". If the default configuration is used it may be found at the following location:
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