Disassembly Window Types

MPLAB® X IDE has two disassembly windows:

  • Disassembly Listing File: Window > Debugging > Output > Disassembly Listing File Project
  • Disassembly Debugging View: Window > Debugging > Disassembly

Disassembly Listing File

The disassembly listing file is generated by the linker at build time. It lists the entire program (all files and functions) in a single file. Each line of C code is followed by one or more assembly instructions associated with that line of code. This file is available immediately after the project is built.


A quick way to view the entire disassembly file is to right-click in the Disassembly window and select Disassembly Listing File.

Disassembly Window

The debugging disassembly window is dynamically updated to show the disassembly for the C function that is currently executing in the debugger. Each time you call to or return from a function, this window will change its contents automatically. When this window is open, you can single-step through your code instruction by instruction. Close this window to again step at the C source level.


The Disassembly window will disassemble each instruction but has no history of banking associated with the instruction. Therefore, SFR names displayed in the window will be for Bank 0.

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