Melody Touch Library Release Notes

Release 3.5.0 – August 2023

  • Added lump and low-power feature support for AVR and PIC devices.
  • Added Touch Configurator support for ATmega32(4|8)PB devices.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.

Release 3.4.0 – May 2023

  • Added Touch Configurator support for dsPIC33CK device families.
  • Added future support for PIC18FxxQ20 devices.
  • Added touch ADC support for PIC16F1(71/81)xxx devices.
  • Added fix for PIC18FxxQ71 device's pins not getting populated in the pins grid view for touch.
  • Added fix for Compensation Capacitance (CC) value for self-capacitance technology not being updated properly for ATtiny devices.
  • Added fix for input buffer being disabled for PTC Pins.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements.

Release 3.3.0 – December 2022

  • Touch Configurator support for ATtiny.
  • Added one-touch and two-touch Surface for Self-cap (Mutual-cap will be supported in the next release).
  • Added Gesture Support.
  • Scan Rate control feature is added for PIC® devices.
  • Improved the Driven Shield feature for users to enable/disable either Driven Shield (or) Driven Shield+ or both for better control.

Release 3.2.2 – September 2022

What's New

  • Added notification icon within touch configurator to highlight touch-related hints, warnings and messages.

Release 3.2.1 – July 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Added fix for multiple sensors not being selected.
  • Added fix for Touch files generation failure when driven shield is enabled.
  • Added fix for PIC16F180xx devices not getting loaded.
  • Added fix for same pins getting generated multiple times in the signal matrix.
  • Updated Touch library to support the latest Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART) libraries.
  • Added fix for AVR® devices not getting loaded.

Release 3.2.0 – February 2022

Device Support

  • Q43 family - (PIC18F25/26/27/45/46/47/55/56/57Q43)
  • Q40 family - (PIC18F04/05/06/14/15/16Q40)
  • Q41 family - (PIC18F04/05/06/14/15/16Q41)
  • Q10 family - (PIC18F24/25/26/27/45/46/47Q10)
  • PIC16LF188xx family - (PIC16(L)F18854/55/56/57/75/76/77)
  • PIC16F180xx family – (PIC16F18015/25/26/44/45/46/54/55/56/74/75/76)

What’s New

  • Added button, slider, wheel sensor support for newly supported devices (Check above for supported devices).
  • Added support for two-way data streamer protocol through UART communication for both supported AVR and PIC devices (Note: Update to the latest MPLAB® Touch plugin v1.0.1).
  • Added example .c and .h files during generation of Touch files.

Release 3.1.0 – June 2021

Device Support

  • AVRxxDAxx

What’s New

  • Touch configurator support to create button, slider, and wheel sensor projects.
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