Command Mode

Once the module is placed into Command mode, you are able to get or set a variety of configuration settings via specially formatted ASCII text messages on the Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) interface.

Please see the "WiFly Command Reference Manual" for all details about specific commands and options.

Configuration Settings

Commands are broken into several configuration categories. They are identified by the top-level ASCII keywords shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1


  • Configuration settings are stored in the module's Flash memory.
  • After changing a configuration setting, the command "save" must be entered to save the changes to NVM.
  • Many changes require a reboot to take effect.

Command Structure

Most WiFly commands have the following structure:

"<Action Keyword> <Category Keyword> <Category Option> <Value>"

For example, the following command configures the SSID of the AP that the module is to associate with:

set wlan ssid IRF2111_1

Some commands are much simpler. For example, the following command returns the MAC address of the module:

get mac

The table in Figure 2 shows the common Action Keywords available:

Figure 2

Command Rules/Syntax

  • Commands are case-sensitive.
  • Spaces are not allowed. Substitute "$" for spaces. For example:
"MY NETWORK" must be entered as "MY$NETWORK"
  • Shorthand notation is available, per the following examples:
set uart baudrate 115200 // valid
set uart b 115200        // valid
set u b 115200           // valid
s uart baudrate 115200   // invalid
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