Limitations Of Coverage In the Editor

The Editor window displays lines of C code. C is a high-level language where one line of C code can represent one or more device instructions, depending on the device. Therefore, looking at the actual device instructions in the Program (or Execution Memory) window may be necessary to determine the reason(s) for the coverage shown.

An example is the while(1) loop commented out in the code. If it is uncommented and the program is run again and then paused, the following text may display in the Output window:

No source code lines were found at current PC 0x330. Open program memory view to see instruction code disassembly.

To open the Program Memory (8- or 16-bit devices) window, select Windows > Target Memory Views > Program Memory. To open the Execution Memory (32-bit devices) window, select Windows > Target Memory Views > Execution Memory.

Figure 1: Program Memory - Simple Code Example

Since there is a branch instruction at address 0x330, the compiler has generated this representation of while(1). This will not be seen as source code and therefore, the Output text is generated.

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