Timer Driver Library Interface for MPLAB® Harmony v2

Detailed descriptions for this library can be found on MPLAB® Harmony v2 Help and Documentation ( found in the <harmony install directory>/doc folder).

Static Timer Driver Functions

Static driver functions are configured and generated by the MPLAB® Harmony Configurator (MHC).

Function Name Description
DRV_TMRx_Initialize() Initializes the timer
DRV_TMRx_Start() Starts the specified timer
DRV_TMRx_Stop() Stops the specified timer
DRV_TMRx_CounterClear() Clears the timer value
DRV_TMRx_CounterValueSet(VALUE) Sets the timer value
DRV_TMRx_CounterValueGet() Reads the timer's current value

Dynamic Timer Driver Functions

Function Name Description
DRV_TMR_Deinitialize Deinitializes the specified instance of the Timer driver
DRV_TMR_Initialize Initializes the timer
DRV_TMR_Status Provides the current status of the timer
DRV_TMR_Tasks Maintains the driver's state machine
DRV_TMR_ClockSet Sets the timers clock by selecting the source and prescaler
DRV_TMR_GateModeSet Enables Gate Mode
DRV_TMR_ClientStatus Gets the status of the client operation
DRV_TMR_Close Closes an opened instance of the Timer driver
DRV_TMR_Open Opens the specified Timer driver instance and returns a handle to it
DRV_TMR_Start Starts the timer running
DRV_TMR_Stop Stops the timer
DRV_TMR_AlarmPeriodGet Provides the timer period value
DRV_TMR_AlarmPeriodSet Sets the timer period
DRV_TMR_AlarmDisable Prevents a registered alarm from occurring
DRV_TMR_AlarmEnable Enables alarms
DRV_TMR_AlarmRegister Causes a function to be called by the Interrupt Service Routine (ISR)
DRV_TMR_AlarmDeregister Deregisters an alarm
DRV_TMR_CounterFrequencyGet Provides the timers input frequency
DRV_TMR_CounterValueGet Provides the current value of the timer
DRV_TMR_CounterValueSet Reads the Timer's counter register
DRV_TMR_VersionGet Gets the Timer driver version in numerical format
DRV_TMR_VersionStrGet Gets the Timer driver version in string format
DRV_TMR_GateModeClear Enables the Gate mode
DRV_TMR_PrescalerGet This function gets the currently selected prescaler
DRV_TMR_OperationModeGet This function gets the currently selected operation mode
DRV_TMR_DividerRangeGet Returns the divider range
DRV_TMR_Tasks_ISR Maintains the driver's state machine, processes the events and implements its ISR
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