Timer Peripheral Library for MPLAB® Harmony v2

This library allows you to:

  • Set the clock source for the timer
  • Read and set the timer value
  • Read and set the timer period match value
  • Start and stop the timer
  • Set 8-, 16-, or 32-bit data width for the timer
  • Operate in Sleep, Idle, or Debug modes
  • Set the pre- and post-scaler settings
  • Control timer special event trigger settings
  • Control asynchronous clock counter mode for Timer1
  • Control gated clock counter mode

The Timer Peripheral Library (PLIB) controls the timers by accessing the timer's Special Function Registers (SFRs). Timer SFR access is by function rather than by name. The developer does not need to know an SFR name or the specific SFR bit-field when calling a timer PLIB function. You have to identify the specific timer and the function to be performed on that timer.

Example Library Functions

Stopping a Timer

Function Name Description
PLIB_TMR_Stop (TMR_ID_3) Stops Timer3

Configuring a Timer

Function Name Description
PLIB_TMR_ClockSourceSelect (TMR_ID_1, TMR_CLOCK_SOURCE_PERIPHERAL_CLOCK) Uses internal peripheral clock to drive Timer1
PLIB_TMR_PrescaleSelect (TMR_ID_2, TMR_PRESCALE_VALUE_256) Sets Timer2 prescale value to 256
PLIB_TMR_Mode16BitEnable (TMR_ID_3) Configures Timer3 as a 16 bit timer/counter
PLIB_TMR_Counter16BitClear (TMR_ID_2) Clears 16-bit Timer2 value
PLIB_TMR_Period16BitSet (TMR_ID_1, 0x1000) Sets 16-bit Timer1 period

Starting a Timer

Function Name Description
PLIB_TMR_Start (TMR_ID_4) Starts Timer4

Reading a Timer's Current Value

Function Name Description
MyVar = PLIB_TMR_Counter32BitGet (TMR_ID_2) Gets 32-bit Timer2 value

The PLIB parameter for specifying a timer (TMR_ID_x) is defined by the enum TMR_MODULE_ID. The default values for this enumeration equates Timer1 with TMR_ID_1, Timer2 with TMR_ID_2, …etc

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