Every PIC® MCU Device is equipped with many different hardware peripherals which simplify system implementation. With the MPLAB® Code Configurator to help produce peripheral initialization software, you can quickly design and configure application source code. Having a complete understanding of the latest peripherals available and details on their functional use is very helpful.

Below is a table of peripherals available on the latest 8-bit PIC® MCU devices, followed by an alphabetical list of links to the pages that describe these peripherals in detail.


Peripheral Index


ACT: Active Clock Tuning for Crystal-Free USB
ADC: Analog to Digital Converter
ADCC : Analog-to-Digital Converter with Computation
AngTMR: Angular Timer


BodyComTM Technology: Body Communications


CAN: Controller Area Network
CC I/O: Constant Current I/O
CCP/ECCP: (Enhanced) Capture Compare PWM
CLC: Configurable Logic Cell
COG: Complimentary Output Generator
CRC/SCAN: Cyclical Redundancy Check with Memory Scan
CTMU: Charge Time Measurement Unit
Comp: Comparator
CWG: Complimentary Waveform Generator


DAC: Digital-to-Analog Converter
DOZE: Power Saving Mode
DSM: Data Signal Modulator


EUSART/AUSART: Enhanced/Addressable Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transceiver


FVR: Fixed Voltage Reference


HC I/O: High-Speed Comparator
HCVD: Hardware Capacitive Voltage Divider
HEF: High-Endurance Flash
HLT: Hardware Limit Timer and 8-bit Timer/Counter
HSComp: High-Speed Comparator


I2C: Inter-Integrated Circuit
IDLE: Power Saving Mode


KeeLoq Sub-GHz RF: Encrypted RF Transmitter


LIN: Local Interconnect Network
LCD: Liquid Crystal Display


MAC: Ethernet Media Access Control
MathACC: Math Accelerator
mTouch: Microchip Proprietary Capacitive Touch Technology
MULT: Hardware Multiplier


NCO: Numerically Controlled Oscillator


OPA: Operational Amplifier


PMD: Peripheral Module Disable
PPS: Peripheral Pin Select
PSMC: Programmable Switch Mode Controller and 16-bit Timer/Counter
PWM: 10-bit Pulse Width Modulation
16-bit PWM: Standalone 16-bit PWM and 16-bit Timer/Counter


RTCC: Real-Time Clock/Calendar


SlopeComp: Slope Compensation
SMT: 24-Bit Signal Measurement Timer and 24-bit Timer/Counter
SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface


8-/16-bit Timer
TEMP: Temperature Indicator


USB: Universal Serial Bus


WDT: Watchdog Timer
WWDT: Windowed Watch Dog Timer


XLP: eXtreme Low Power Technology


ZCD: Zero Cross Detect

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