Code Profiling Controls

The Code Profiling Plugin has control icons and associated windows to assist in data display and analysis.

Code Profiling Window

The Code Profiling window opens up next to the Output tab in the IDE when the plugin is run. It has several control icons, all but one of the icons is on the left side of the window. The Column Setup icon is on the right side of the window.

Code Profiling Window Icons

Icon Text Description
Icon-ProjectProperties.gif Project Properties Open the Project Properties window.
Icon-Filter.gif Filter Functions Filter the display to show only the selected functions.
Note: Code is not run again, the data already collected
is reduced to remove all non-selected functions.
Icon-FilterAll.gif Filter Select All Select to display all functions.
Icon-Graph.gif Show Function
Timeline Graph
Display a graph of data in the window.
Icon-SaveToFile.gif Output Statistics Output window data to a file.
Icon-ColumnSetup.gif Column Setup Click to display a menu for selecting which columns
to show or hide. Also, show or hide horizontal scroll
or pack columns (all or selected).

The Code Profiling window has a context menu. The context menu items may be accessed by right-clicking anywhere in the Code Profile window.

Code Profiling Window Context Menu

Item Description
Clear View and Data Clear all function data from the window.
Reload Data Reload function data from a file into the window.

Code Profiling Graph Window

The Show Function Timeline Graph icon Icon-Graph.gifcan be found on the left side of the Code Profile window. Clicking on this icon opens up a graph of the simulation timeline.

Code Profiling Graph Window Icons

Icon Text Description
Icon-Measure-Zoom.gif Measure/Zoom
mode select
Icon unselected: Measurement mode. Drag mouse to measure
time value.
Icon selected: Zoom mode. Drag mouse to zoom in on an area.

The Code Profiling Graph window has a context menu. To access the context menu, right-click anywhere inside to the Graph window

Code Profiling Graph Window Context Menu

Item Description
Turn Off/On Zoom mode Click to disable Zoom mode.
Click again to enabled Zoom mode.
Save graph image Save an image of the graph to a PNG file.
Print Print the graph.
Zoom In Zoom in on graph data. Choose to zoom in on:
- Both Axes
- Domain Axis (x coordinates)
- Range Axis (y coordinates)
Zoom Out Zoom out on graph data. Choose to zoom in on:
- Both Axes
- Domain Axis (x coordinates)
- Range Axis (y coordinates)
Zoom Reset Reset zoom to default level.
Properties Open the Chart Properties window.

When Properties is selected from the Graph window, the properties window appears. This window has four tabs: Tile, Plot, Appearance, and Other. The table below shows the functions found under these tabs.

Chart Properties Window

Set up the graph look and feel on the tabs of this window.

Title Tab

Item Description
Show title Check to show the graph title listed under Text.
Uncheck to hide the graph title.
Text Enter a title for the graph. Show Title must be checked.
Font Select font options for the graph title text.
Color Select a color scheme for the graph title text.

Plot Tab

Item Description
Label Enter a label for the axis.
Font Select font options for the label.
Paint Select a color scheme for the label (text and background).
Ticks Check to show tick labels. Uncheck to hide.
Select font options for the tick labels.
Check to show tick marks. Uncheck to hide.
Range Check to auto-adjust range values.
Uncheck to enter a minimum range value and
a maximum range value.
TickUnit Check for Auto-Selection of TickUnit.
Uncheck to enter TickUnit value.

Apperance Tab

Item Description
Outline stroke Select the thickness of the line around the graph.
Outline paint Select the color of the line around the graph.
Background paint Select the color of the graph background.
Orientation Select an orientation for the graph domain (x) axis:
- Vertical (default)
- Horizontal

Other Tab

Item Description
Draw anti-aliased Check to use anti-aliasing when drawing the graph.
Uncheck to turn anti-aliasing off.
Background paint Select the color of the background outside of the graph.
Series pain Not implemented.
Series stroke Not implemented.
Series outline paint Not implemented.
Series output stroke Not implemented.
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