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New File



File ▶ New File…

Creates a new file with the New File wizard.

New Project



File ▶ New Project…

Creates a new project with the New Project wizard.

Open Project



File ▶ Open Project…

Opens an existing project.

Save All



File ▶ Save All

Saves all open files.




Edit ▶ Undo

Reverses (one at a time) a series of editor actions, except Save.




Edit ▶ Redo

Reverses (one at a time) a series of Undo commands.

Set Project Configuration

Selects project configuration. Choose “default” or “Customize”.

By default, this will show default. However, if you create a new configuration, its name will show up here as well allowing you to rapidly switch between multiple configurations. For example, one configuration may use the ICD3 and another the simulator.

Build Project

Run ▶ Build Project

Builds the project using the compiler/assembler selected in the Project Properties. The Build command in MPLAB X is roughly equivalent to the Make command in MPLAB 8. The make utility will build only the files in the project that have changed since the last build. Click on down arrow for other related options.

Clean and Build Project

Run ▶ Clean and Build Project

Deletes files from previous builds and then builds the all project files. Click on down arrow for other related options.

Make and Program Target Project

Builds project in release mode then programs the PIC® Microcontroller. Click on down arrow for other related options.

Read Device Memory

Reads target device memory and loads into MPLAB X IDE. Click on down arrow for other related options.

Hold in Reset

Unlike the other toolbar buttons, this is a toggle switch. When it is pressed, it will assert the reset line to prevent the target from running. This button is most useful in conjunction with the Program Target button. After programming the target, Hold in Reset may be used to release the target board to run without having to disconnect the programmer.

Debug Project

Debug ▶ Debug Project (Name)

Builds the project in debug mode (links in the debug executive), programs the target and runs the ­project on the target using the debugger selected in the project properties.

Main_PC.png Program Counter

Shows the current value of the Program Counter when a debug session is running. These may be visible even when a debug session is not active.

Main_Status.png Status Bits

Shows the current value of the Status bits when a debug session is running. These may be visible even when a debug session is not active

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