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User Include SymbolUserInclude.png
class (C++) SymbolClass.png
class Forward Declaration (C++) SymbolClassForwardDeclaration.png
friend class (C++) SymbolFriendClass.png
enum TypeEnum.png
Enumerator (C++) SymbolEnumerator.png
struct TypeStruct.png
struct Forward Declaration (C++) SymbolStructForwardDeclaration.png
typedef TypeTypedef.png
union TypeUnion.png
Template Parameter (C++) SymbolTemplateParameter.png
Namespace (C++) SymbolNamespace.png
Namespace Alias (C++) SymbolNamespaceAlias.png
Namespace Using (C++) SymbolNamespaceUsing.png
Using Declaration (C++) SymbolUsingDeclaration.png
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Variables, Constants, Functions, Fields, and Methods
Public Protected Private
Global Constant SymbolGlobalConstant.png
Local Constant SymbolLocalConstant.png
Constant SymbolPublicConstant.png SymbolProtectedConstant.png SymbolPrivateConstant.png
Static Constant SymbolStaticPublicConstant.png SymbolStaticProtectedConstant.png SymbolStaticPrivateConstant.png
Constructor SymbolPublicConstructor.png SymbolProtectedConstructor.png SymbolPrivateConstructor.png
Destructor SymbolDestructor.png SymbolProtectedDestructor.png SymbolPrivateDestructor.png
Function SymbolFunction.png
Static Function SymbolStaticFunction.png
Function Prototype SymbolFunctionPrototype.png
Method SymbolMethod.png SymbolProtectedMethod.png SymbolPrivateMethod.png
Static Method SymbolStaticMethod.png SymbolStaticProtectedMethod.png SymbolStaticPrivateMethod.png
Global Variable SymbolGlobalVariable.png
Static Variable SymbolStaticVariable.png
Extern Variable SymbolExternVariable.png
Local Variable SymbolLocalVariable.png
Member Variable SymbolField.png SymbolProtectedField.png SymbolPrivateField.png
Static Member Variable SymbolStaticField.png SymbolStaticProtectedField.png SymbolStaticPrivateField.png
Operator SymbolOperator.png SymbolProtectedOperator.png SymbolPrivateOperator.png
Static Operator SymbolStaticOperator.png SymbolStaticProtectedOperator.png SymbolStaticPrivateOperator.png
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