Remote USB Debugging Plugin Overview

Access Microchip debug tools in another location from your desktop PC using the MPLAB® X IDE Plugin - Remote USB Debugging (SW100300). Communication with multiple debug tools and multiple locations is supported depending on remote hardware capabilities.

Note: No security is provided across the network.

Benefits and Considerations

Although a VNC service may be used to connect a host and remote computer to access remote tools, the Remote USB Debugging plug-in provides a lightweight remote solution with better debugging response time. This means the remote machine does not require the MPLAB X IDE to be installed.

All that is required on the remote machine are the MPLAB Communications Library and JRE from MPLAB X IDE v3.40 (or later), but not the entire MPLAB X IDE application. This means the remote machine can be small like a Raspberry Pi.

The support of an Ethernet connection means you can work from your office desk and communicate with a remote system in the lab. However, attempting to communicate over long distances can produce delays and glitches inherent in long-distance connections.

System Overview

A simple remote hardware setup would consist of a debug tool, a target board, and a remote system capable of communicating with your host PC via Ethernet or WiFi (see Figure).

For details on setting up and using the remote system and MPLAB X IDE on the host, see plugin installation, remote operation and host operation.

Figure: Remote USB System


Host Requirements

  • Software: MPLAB X IDE v3.40 or later and Remote USB plugin.
    A free trial version of the Remote USB Debugging plugin is available through the MPLAB X IDE Plugins window (Tools > Plugins). This version provides full plugin functionality for 30 days. After that, a dialog will pop up on remote operations reminding you to purchase the regular version.
    A regular version of the plugin is available for purchase and download through the web site. Install the plugin using the MPLAB X IDE Plugins window.
  • Hardware: Any computer running the operating systems supported by MPLAB X IDE v3.40 or later as specified in the Release Notes.

Remote Server Requirements

  • Software: Either of the following:
    • MPLAB Communications Library v3.20.01 or later and JRE 8 (Java Runtime Environment 8) or later. See the release notes for your version of MPLAB X IDE to determine the correct version of the JRE.
    • MPLAB X IDE v3.40 or later (installs MPLAB Communications Library v3.20.01 or later and JRE 8 or later)
  • Hardware: Either of the following:
    • Any computer running the operating systems supported by MPLAB X IDE v3.40 as specified in the Release Notes.
    • Raspberry Pi 3

Remote System Requirements

  • Any Microchip hardware debug tool
  • Target board compatible with above debug tool
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