MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software program that runs on a PC (Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux®) to develop applications for Microchip PIC® microcontrollers and dsPIC® digital signal controllers.

MPLAB X IDE provides an extensive array of features for developing and debugging applications on any device from the PIC microcontroller product family. However, as with any feature-rich program, it can be a challenge to learn to use all of its capabilities or even to find out what all of those capabilities are. The goal of this section of the Developer Help site is to help you to discover and learn how to use the many available features that are sure to simplify and enhance your development activities.

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 Self-Paced Training

The material in these training modules exists elsewhere on this site in a general reference format. However, the training modules present it in an organized, step-by-step sequence to help you learn the topic from the ground up.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SQTP file?
Programmer Issues with Parallels® Virtual Machine
MPLAB® X IDE - Debug (.elf) File is Locked When Doing a Build/Debug-build
Memory Corruption - "Programming/Verify Complete", but Subsequent "Verify" Fails
How do you simulate the RCxREG for UART?
How do you load an SQTP file in MPLAB® IPE?
Data Conflict at Address 0x######## Reported on Compilation (from Hexmate)
MPLAB® X IDE - LoadLibrary Failed with Error 1114
ISO26262 ASIL B for MCC Generated Code
How to Find and Delete the User/Persistence Directory in MPLAB® X IDE
Font Size in MPLAB® X IDE/IPE is not Adjusting to Screen Resolution
How do you check if your MPLAB® XC compiler license is activated?
How do I start developing with Microchip PIC® MCUs?
How do I program the KEELOQ® keyfob with MPLAB® X?
How can I run my USB Project in debug mode without being disconnected from the host when being halted?
How can I install MPLAB® X IDE?
Peripheral Pin Select (PPS) Register, PPS Lock, PPS Selection in MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC)
How do you troubleshoot a PIC® device that runs in debug mode but not in normal mode?
MPLAB® XC16/XC32 Compiler- How do you determine what files are inside a library (.a) file?
MPLAB® X IDE Watch Window Format
MPLAB® X IDE Debug Features by Device
MPLAB® X IDE - No Rule To Make Target
MPLAB® X IDE - Lack of Memory error
MPLAB® X IDE - Failure To Load Project
MPASM™ Assembler Variables Not Showing in the Watch window
Why is my microcontroller not shown in MPLAB® X IDE?
Why do I get a "/usr/bin/bash" error when trying to compile a project with an external makefile in Windows®?
Why can’t I build in PRO Mode, even though the client machine is configured to use the Network Server license?
What serial EEPROMs can be programed with the MPLAB® PM3?
What resources are available for an academic program?
How can I find my MPLAB® XC Compiler Activation key?
XC16Bootloaders - How do you generate a hex file combining a bootloader and an application project?
How can I move an MPLAB® XC compiler license from one microchipDIRECT account to another?
Hexmate - How can I calculate checksum for my code, and store the result at a particular location?
Why is the compiler removing some of my code?
Last resort when you have unresolved issue with MPLAB® X IDE
Is there a discount for purchasing Development Tools for academic use?
How can I cancel or renew my MPLAB® XC Compiler subscription license?
Can I just install MPLAB® IPE by itself?
Why is the compiler not listed for my target device under MPLAB® X IDE?
Compilers - Can a subscription license be used as a network license?
Can I install multiple MPLAB® X and MPLAB 8 IDE versions on the same machine?
MPLAB® X IDE 3.00 will not start on Linux®.
How do I correct the spelling of a word flagged by the MPLAB® X IDE spell checker?
How do I change the output.hex file name in MPLAB® X IDE?
The Extended CPU Mode configuration bit is enabled but the program was not built using extended CPU instructions.
Which files in an MPLAB® X project should be under version control?
MPLAB® X IDE will not run or won't start?
Why won't the Options window open when selected from the Tools menu?
What can I do to ensure a smooth conversion from MPLAB® IDE v8 to MPLAB X IDE?
Can I prevent the last project from opening on startup?
Can I share a project between MPLAB® IDE v8 and MPLAB X IDE?
Can I install MPLAB® IDE v8 and MPLAB X IDE on the same computer?
Can MPLAB X projects be opened from Windows Explorer?
Why Does It Take So Long To Build My Project?
Why does the dashboard window always reopen at the top left even after I've moved it elsewhere?
What tools do I need to develop PIC® microcontroller applications?
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