Digital Power Reference Design

Digital AC-to-DC Power Supply

Features highlights:

  • Full Digital Control
  • Multi-stage Design Includes:
  • Universal Inputs (85 V – 265 VAC, 45-65 Hz)
  • Boost PFC (PF > 0.98)
  • Soft-Start (programmable)
  • Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge ZVT (soft-switching)
  • Synchronous Rectification
  • 12-Volt Intermediate Bus
  • Multi-Phase Synchronous Buck Converter 3.3 V Output
  • Single-Phase Synchronous Buck Converter 5 V Output
  • Automatic Fault Handling
  • Remote Power-Management Capability
  • Flexible Start-up Capability

Digital Pure Sine Wave Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Reference Design

Features highlights:

  • Input Range AC:
    • 95 to 135 V ,60 HZ +/-3
    • 210 to 280 V ,50 HZ +/-3
  • Output Voltage AC :
    • 110 V @ 60 Hz +/-1
    • 220 V @ 50 Hz +/-1
  • DC Input:
    • 36V (12 VDC x3)
  • Adjustable Charging Current
  • High Efficiency
  • Pure Sine Wave Output With THD <3%
  • Power Rating:
    • 1000 VA Steady-State Output Power
    • 1350 VA Peak Power (Surge)
  • Mains to Battery Transfer Time < 10 ms
  • Supports Crest Factor of 3:1

Digital Interleaved PFC Boost Converter

Features highlights:

  • Operates at universal input voltage (85-265 Vac, 45-65 Hz)
  • Operates up to 350 W sustained output
  • Output voltages up to 400 Vdc
  • Power factor correction of 0.998 at full load and 120 VAC input
  • Current Total Harmonic Distortion (ITHD) of 3% at full load and 120 VAC input
  • Fault protection
  • Royalty Free Reference Design
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