MCP39F511N Power Monitoring IC

The MCP39F511N is a highly integrated, dual-channel single-phase power-monitoring IC designed for real-time measurement of power for dual-socket wall outlets, power strips, AC/DC power supplies, and power distribution applications. The MCP39F511 calculates active power, reactive power, accumulated energy, RMS current, RMS voltage, power factor, line frequency, and offers several features useful to power monitoring designs. It includes three ADCs for voltage and two current load measurements, a 16-bit calculation engine, EEPROM, and a flexible 2-wire interface. An integrated low-drift voltage reference, in addition to the 94.5 dB of SINAD performance on each current measurement channel allows for better than 0.5% accurate designs across a 4000:1 dynamic range.

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MCP39F511N Features

  • Power Monitoring Accuracy
  • Built-In Calculations:
    • Active, Reactive, Apparent Power
    • Active and Reactive Energy Accumulation
    • True RMS Current, RMS Voltage
    • Line Frequency, Power Factor
  • Dedicated Zero Crossing Detection (ZCD) Pin
  • Dedicated PWM Output Pin
  • Automatic Event Pin Control through Fast Voltage Surge Detection
  • Fast Calibration Routines
  • 2-wire UART: Baud Rate up to 115.2 kbps
  • 512 bytes User-accessible EEPROM through page read/write commands
  • Low-Drift Internal Voltage Reference: 10 ppm/°C typical
  • 28-lead 5x5 QFN package
  • Extended Temperature Range -40°C to +125°C
  • AEC-Q100 qualified

MCP39F511N Block Diagram


MCP39F511N Typical Application (Single Phase, 2-Wire Application Schematic)

  • The MCP39F511 demonstration board uses a switching power supply. A low-cost capacitive-based supply is sufficient for many applications.
  • The external sensing components shown here: a 2 mΩ shunt, 2 499 kΩ, and 1 kΩ resistor for the 1000:1 voltage divider, are specifically chosen to match the default values for the calibration registers. By choosing low-tolerance components of these values (e.g. 1% tolerance), measurement accuracy in the 2-3% range can be achieved with 0 calibration.

MCP39F5011 Pin Descriptions

MCP39F511 5x5 QFN Symbol Function
1 EVENT1 Event 1 Output pin
2, 3, 8, 9 NC No Connect (must be left floating)
4 UART_RX UART Communication RX pin
5 COMMONA Common pin A, to be connected to pin 13 (COMMONB)
6 OSCI Oscillator Crystal Connection pin or External Clock Input pin
7 OSCO Oscillator Crystal Connection pin
10 RESET Reset pin for Delta-Sigma ADCs
11 AVDD Analog Power Supply pin
12 UART_TX UART Communication TX pin
13 COMMONB Common pin B, to be connected to pin 5 (COMMONA)
14 PWM Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Output pin
15 EVENT2 Event 2 Output pin
16 I1+ Non inverting Current Channel Input for 24-bit ∆∑ ADC
17 I1- Inverting Current Channel Input for 24-bit ∆∑ ADC
18 V1- Inverting Voltage Channel Input for 24-bit ∆∑ ADC
19 V1+ Non-inverting Voltage Channel Input for 24-bit ∆∑ ADC
20 AN_IN Analog Input for SAR ADC
21 AGND Analog Ground Pin, return path for internal analog circuitry
22 ZCD Zero Crossing Detection Output
23 REFIN+/OUT Non-inverting Voltage Reference Input and Internal Reference Output Pin
24, 27 DGND Digital Ground pin, return path for internal digital circuitry
25 DVDD Digital Power Supply pin
26 MCLR Master Clear for device
28 DR Data Ready (must be left floating)
29 EP Exposed Thermal Pad (to be connected to pins 24 and 27 (DGND))

MCP39F511 Power Monitor Demonstration Board (Part number: ADM00667)

The MCP39F511 Power Monitor Demonstration Board is a fully functional, single-phase power monitor and demonstrates the features of the MCP39F511. It connects easily through USB to the Power Monitor Utility Software. The software offers automated control to allow you to easily experiment with all system configuration settings such as PWM output frequencies, zero crossing detection options, and event configurations, among many others.

  • Displays Active, Reactive, Apparent Power, RMS Current, RMS Voltage, Line Frequency, Import/Export Active Energy, and Four Quadrant Reactive Energy.
  • Event notifications including Over Current, Over Power, Voltage Sag, and Voltage Surge.
  • Device configuration through PC software, including Event Notifications, Calibration, EEPROM read/writes, PWM Control, and Energy Accumulation Start/Reset.
  • Direct connect to 90 V-240 VAC operation.
  • 15 A maximum recommended load.
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